Bring Your A – Game

If you were asked to bring your “A-Game” to work, every day, what would that look like?  And more importantly, what would be the results?

Think about it.  How would this change in attitude and behavior make a difference?

What would you be doing differently if you were performing “at the top of your game”  every day?  Think of the phone calls you’d be making, the conversations you’d be having with clients, potential customers, employees and suppliers.

How would your results change if you brought you’re A-Game to work every day … even if it was for a week?  More clients?  Happier with yourself?   Better attitude?  More money?

What would you have more of? And what would you have less of?

Make a list…

Then try it!  What’s stopping you?

Feeling a little stuck about how to bring your A-Game to work every day?

Here are a few suggestions to power-up that help me jump start my day and alter my outcomes:

  • Start the day with a 30 – 45 minute morning workout or walk. Clear your head so you can focus the rest of the day.
  • Drink a healthy energy drink and eat proteins for breakfast.  Save the pancakes and carbs for the weekend when you can take a nap!
  • Tackle a few tasks that can be accomplished in 30 minutes – answering emails doesn’t count!
  • Have a time limit for Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter.

Post your results on this blog after trying it – even for a couple days!

Let’s inspire each other with the changes we make by bringing our A-Game to work every day!


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